Set Up Pinterest Account For Success

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No matter you are new to the Pinterest game, or you already know Pinterest inside out, this will be a good read for you. It helps you to check if you have set up your Pinterest account to its maximum potential. Your Pinterest account should not only showcase your work, but also capture new fans. Oh and a spoil alert, why I do not support rich pins.  😉

🌟 SEO Friendly Profile

You need to have keywords all over the place. In your name and in your description like shown in the screen below. This gives you more chances to show up in the search results. I learned this from this free video course. I found it very useful, it goes through all the basics things you need to know about Pinterest.

You should put a lead magnet in your profile description. That helps you to grow your email list. One good way to do it is to convert your landing page/freebie page url into a bitly url. It is free to do so and bitly has a dashboard that can help you to see how many times your link is being clicked. You can then swap your freebies once in a while to see which freebie gets more clicks/engagement. Free A/B testing! Pretty amazing right?

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🌟 Cohesive Branding

You should have a few boards that are yours and are keywords optimised. Try to use long tail keywords in your board description. For example, instead of using ‘dessert’, use ‘easy dessert recipes, desserts for kids, desserts for parties’ etc. Not sure what long tail keywords to use? Do not worry, just type in the short keyword you have in mind in the Pinterest search bar, Pinterest will give you suggestions for search as you type. Use the long search terms that Pinterest suggests for your board descriptions.

Another good practice is to design a cover photo for each of your own board. As you can see on my Pinterest profile. If you do not want to design specific cover photos, you can use a specific pin for your board cover, just make sure those pins have a similar color/style to them.

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Apart from boards, it is important for you to have cohesive branding on your pins as well. I’ve been tweaking my pins for a while now to test which version converts better. If you want to find out my high converting pin creation routine, pop you email in the form below.

🌟 Rich Pin Or Not

How To Set Up Pinterest Account For Success

What I am about to say is controversial. 99% bloggers out there will teach you the importance of rich pin. If I lost you at the word ‘rich pin’, you can read the official Pinterest rich pin document here.

I will be with the 1% bloggers and tell you that enable rich pin is not necessarily a good thing. This only applies for after September 2017 when Pinterest did some changes to rich pin.

Here is why:

As a food blogger, I want people to not just save the pin, but also pop over to my website to get the recipe. Beginning of October this year, I realized some of the food pins include ‘way too much information’. It includes more than just recipe ingredients, cooking time, etc. It actually includes all the steps I mentioned in the post. People can get all the steps through Pinterest, they no longer need to click through to my website to get the recipe. I am losing traffic become of the ‘too-rich’ rich pin.

I just disabled my rich pin around a week ago, I have not seen any changes in my Pinterest traffic. However, some people in my mastermind group disabled rich pin and have actually seen an increase in their traffic. You can see that in the screenshot below. That is why enabling rich pin is not necessarily a good thing.

results by disable rich pin in Pinterest

Nonetheless, one thing I do still encourage you to do it to get the Pinterest business account. It is free to have a business account. Plus with the business account, you can get Pinterest analytics for free, which for me is very important. No matter you want to register a new Pinterest business account or you want to convert your personal account into a business account, you can do it at The process is fairly straightforward. If you get stuck and need help, just leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

Last Note:

I have tried many different Pinterest courses and many different techniques.  As you can imagine the fee of the course does add up, and information between courses does overlap. For example, if you have read my post here you would know I earned my first $100 through Pinterest. The course I mentioned in that post, that information you can also get from this course from Jennifer. That is why I think if you fairly new to Pinterest and only want one course for Pinterest, you should get Jennifer's course.

Jennifer the course creator grew her account to 7 million Pinterest views in May this year when everyone complains about Pinterest traffic is going downwards because of the new algorithm. Her course contains the most updated strategy that works on Pinterest, plus more information, like how to earn money through Pinterest.

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