If you don’t know what to get for Secret Santa, you need to read this!

Secret santa guide

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Holiday session is coming! Most companies are organizing secret Santa, if not, most likely one of your friends or someone you know is organizing a secret Santa. Somehow someone decided you are part of it, or maybe you are just excited to be part of  it. No matter which way, what budget you have, this is a must look guide if you are struggling to find a good secret Santa gift.

Budget Under 20 Pounds/Dollars

This is the most common budget range, especially in work environment. If this is a workplace secret Santa, you might want to get an appropriate gift and leave your ‘funny’ (dirty minded) gift ideas aside. Here is something you can choose from

A pretty basket of mini chutney, jams and preserves for 11 pounds (UK) or a nice box of mini jam sampler for 16 dollars (US).

secret santa gift, mini jam, mini preserves and mini chutney

Or a chocolate set for someone who loves chocolate, or a whiskey miniature set for someone who loves whiskey. You get the idea here, get a sampler set! Remember to check if the person you are buying the gift for have specific diet requirements. This is very important when you buy eatable gifts.

If you are unsure about that person’s diet requirement, you can still get a gift set! You can get beauty set or grooming set depending on who are you buying the gift for. I personally would not go for perfume set as different people have very different preferences. The safe choice is to get pamper set (UK  , US)

secret santa beauty gift

Then of course, if you are not a fan of a gift set. You want to make special and personalize the gift, why not try personalized t-shirt or calendar. This shows the other person you care for them. This sort of gift is mostly chosen for birthday or anniversary, but do not let that stop you. Remember, Christmas is a special occasion and you surely can give gifts like that! You can find companies that do personalized gift quite easily by just google them. A quick search I can see in the UK, Vistaprint does it and do delivery to your doorstep. In the US, you can get it done easily at a Walmart!

Budget Over 20 Pounds/Dollars

When the budget is over 20 pounds or dollars, the budget range tends to vary a lot. I’ve seen people set budget to be 20 or 50 0r even over 100. I personally think if the budget is over 20 pounds or dollars, it would be the best to buy just one thing instead of a fancy gift set. I found most of the gift sets don’t have very good values when they are over 20 pounds or dollars. Obviously, this is a personal preference. If you see a very nice gift set and you think it would be a great gift, go for it by all means. What I tend to do when I have over 20 pounds budget to spend, I buy gifts purely depends on what does the other person like. I have bought gifts for all different kinds of people before, I break them down into 6 categories.

Food – Lover

A great gift would be a nice cookbook or a baking book for someone who is keen to learn cooking or baking. A smoke gun (UK , US) would be a nice gift for someone who is experienced at cooking and loves to try new cooking tools.

TV series/Movie – Lover

Amazon TV stick (UK, US ) for those who do not have a smart TV but have either Amazon Prime or Netflix subscription. I got an Amazon TV stick last year and it is definitely the best gift I  have received last year. I know Amazon stick exist but I did not know what they do. My brother-in-law introduced that to us, and since I got it, I can never live without it! If you do not know what it does, basically if you plug that into your tv like how you would use a USB stick on a computer, your TV would transform into a giant tablet! You get lots of apps like Netflix, Amazon Instant Videos, Spotify, etc.

secret santa guide, amazon tv stick

Book – Lover

Kindle reader! You know this is coming. I personally have the most basic Kindle reader (UK, US), the one without the built-in light. It works great! I bought a pocket clickable light so I can read in the dark environment. If your budget cannot get you the fancier Kindle book that comes in with the built-in light, why not get a reading light that can be found in Poundland or a dollar store? If you give the basic kindle with a reading light as a combo gift,  I am sure the person who received it will think this is a very thoughtful gift.

Music – Lover

This is something I personally would love to have, iTunes or google music gift card. Gift card provides more flexibility that can help the person to get exactly what he or she wants. However, I do know gift card can make you looks like you have not put that much thought into choosing the gift.

Fitness – Lover

Christmas is coming means New Year is coming, New Year is coming means new year resolution is going to happen soon for most of the people. So this category is not just for people who are already insanely in love with fitness, it is also for the ones who are determined to make a change in their life.

Since black Friday and cyber Monday is coming, lots of smoothie maker (UK, US) are going on sale at the moment. If you are organized like me, then you can get a great deal now and sort out big portions of the Christmas shopping.

Travel – Lover

A private jet would be a great gift, just joking. Or not joking? If you have that sort of budget then go for it. But if you are in the ‘normal’ budget range, a really good gift would be a nice sturdy backpack (UK, US) or a nicely built noise-cancelling headphone. If you are in the UK, there is beats headphone on sale right now in Tesco that is nearly 50% off. I had a look around on the internet, this same model is sold much more expensive elsewhere! You are welcome 🙂



secret santa gift guide

Hope this information helps, if you have any great secret Santa gift ideas, why not leave them in the comments below so other people can benefit from it too!


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