One Investment That Help Me To Build A Money Making Blog

why ultimate bundle is the best investment I made in blogging

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I jumped into blogging without any ideas on how to build a nice looking website or how to make money off it. Everything was a bit overwhelming. I was spending lots of money on some courses already to help me to learn about blogging. But some courses are too advanced to back then a newbie like me and they turn out to be not very helpful for me. The whole blogging has been quite overwhelming to me until I found this.

The Genius Blogger's Tool Kit is the only thing you will need to invest to build a money making blog, no matter you are new to blogging or you are an advanced blogger. I loved it so much that I have both the 2016 and 2017 bundles as you can see from my login dashboard below. (I put my website name on it because I realized people are stealing my screenshot…)

the ultimate bundle 2016 and the ultimate bundle 2017

I am less than a year blogging and I am already making a couple of hundred dollars a month. That is the result of 10 hours blogging a week. I do have a full-time job. I definitely contribute my success to the genius blogger's toolkit.

Remember the article I had about reaching over 10,000 people on Facebook? That is the result from a book by Brittany, which was part of the 2016 genius blogger's toolkit. I did not spend a penny on growing my Facebook fans and I am doing better than some people who are using Facebook Ads. That reach from Facebook drove massive traffic to my website, traffic is money! You can see I have ads at some places on my website, the more people see the ads, the more I earn. Advertisement is one stream of my incomeThe one investment helped me to build a money making blog- Ultimate bundle- the genius blog tool kit- blogging courses.

Apart from ads, I now consistently earning money off my Twitter and Instagram. That was because of the twitter and Instagram courses available in the 2016 genius blogger’s toolkit. I did not know at all it is that easy to get sponsored content through social media until I took the courses.

You might think if there are many courses in the bundle, it must be very expensive! Wrong! The amazing thing about the ultimate bundle is not only all the courses are hand-picked and favored by many bloggers, but also because it is much affordable than some of the individual courses. In 2016 bundle there were 24 eBooks+33 eCourses & audio files+5 printable packs+15 bonuses and cost $97, and if you buy all the ebooks and courses individually, it would add up to over $5000.

Now unfortunate news for you is that 2016 Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is no longer available. Every single year, the toolkit is only available for a week. But the good news is that 2017 Genius Blogger's Toolkit is now available, and the content in 2017 one is even better than the 2016 version. Just remember it is only available until Monday 9th October.

So let’s cut to the chase, what is available in 2017? 28 eBooks, 43 videos & eCourses, 16 printables, workbooks & templates, 1 conference, 1 membership site plus 10 digital bonuses. If you get everything separately, you would pay $5802.51. But the bundle price is $97. That is over 98% off!!! You can get everything in the screenshot below and more for $97!

Ultimate bundle, the best blogging courses

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Here are some highlights I think you will want to know (that is part of the 2017 bundle)!

➡️Pinteresting Strategies: How I Went from 0-200K Page Views with Manual Pinning ($32.00)

I already purchased the course before I buy the bundle. I am still happy to see it is in the bundle because that means the quality of the courses included in the bundle is amazing. I won’t tell you how good the book is, all I would say is the strategy in this book breaks my plateau in Pinterest traffic. I doubled my Pinterest traffic in one month and now I have 400,000 month views from Pinterest a month! You can read more about my Pinterest success story here.

➡️ACTIVATE: EBA Live Conference Video Package ($297.00)

If you have been blogging for a while, you must have heard of Ruth Soukup, the blogger who makes 7-figures from blogging. As a matter of fact, she is a multi 7 digits business owner. EBA is her signature course, and that course has helped so many bloggers to build 5 or 6 digits income from blogging. Currently, the EBA live conference Video package is sold at $297 on her website as you can see from her email screenshot below. But you get it as part of the bundle!

EBA live conference is part of the ultimate bundle

➡️10 Super Common Facebook Strategies That Do More Harm Than Good ($15.00)

Remember I mentioned a book written by Brittany helped me to get over now 20,000 organic reach every week with Facebook? That book was only included as part of the 2016 bundle. But do not worry, Brittany has this new course ‘ 10 Super Common Facebook Strategies That Do More Harm Than Good ‘ that is part of this year's bundle! I already had a quick look, it contains some of the information from her book from last year. You are not missing out!

I could write this post forever because the bundle last year completely changed my blogging life and helped me to earn a good income as a newbie blogger, I am sure this year’s bundle will push my blogging earning to the next level!


Update (10th October 2017)

Sorry, the sale is finished now. If you would like to be the first to be alerted when the next year sale starts, just pop in your name and email below.