Kitchen Essentials – How To Multi Purpose Tools to Save Money

Kitchen Essentials multipurpose kitchen tools

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When we first moved into our own space, we went crazy shopping for the ‘basic/must have’ kitchen tools for the flat. Once we settled down and started organizing everything, we realized we bought a lot more than the ‘essentials’. Does this happen to you too? 😂Multi Purpose Kitchen Tools To Save Money

In order to give every kitchen tool space, we purchased multiple IKEA cabinet units later on. Now we have multiple super full cabinets full of kitchen tools that we do not use often or have not used at all.

If you land on this page, that means you are a food lover and you must have a list of recipes that you want to recreate. When you check the recipe’s instruction, you might see they use a food processor, an air fryer, a mixer etc that you might currently do not have. Do not worry, you do not need to break the bank to re-create all the recipes you love. Below are the basic/essential tools that I consider necessary and have multi-purposes.

I will skip the obviously needed things like a knife or a chopping board. This article is all about giving you ideas on how to maximize the capability of you current tools selection so you can use them to replace more fancy tools such as air fryer, slow cooker etc.

Cast iron pan/pot

Most people would buy a nonstick pan/pot as one of the first things for their kitchen, I was one of them. It is not that I regret my decisions, I do not. However, if you really want to keep things minimal, you would want to buy a cast iron pan/pot instead. Because whatever nonstick pan set can do, cast ironpan can also do the same.

If you condition the cast iron with oil regularly, food would not stick to it during cooking. You also do not need to worry if you scratch off the non-stickable painting during the washing up. Plus cast iron can be put into the oven straight away. Most nonstick pans cannot because they have plastic parts on them. Imagine instead of cooking your pasta in a normal pan, then transfer all of it into a baking tray. Then add cheese to it to make baked pasta. You can do all of this in one go with just cast iron, plus you only need to do washing once!

Mixer/Smoothie Maker 

I know there is a difference between smoothie maker and food processor. The difference is minimal. A smoothie maker can be very powerful. Whenever I am trying new recipes and the instruction says use food processor to xyz, I always use my smoothie maker. I have never got problem doing that. The choice is yours. If you want to save some money or some space, just get either a smoothie maker or a food processor. I personally don’t see the point to have both.


If you have not heard of multi-cooker, you are missing out! The multi-cooker I own is basically a slow cooker, steamer and rice cooker all in one. I absolutely love it. I even use it for some of the pressure cooker recipes. It cannot completely replace pressure cooker. However, if you are not short on time, you can totally use slower cooker for a long period time to get a similar result from what pressure cooker can do. If you are thinking of getting a slow cooker, why not upgrade to a multi-cooker? It will save you money in the long run!

Pyrex Measuring Jar

Has it ever happen to you when you use a glass measuring jar to hold something hot, your glass measuring jar just shatter into pieces? It happened to me way too many times so I started to hunt a glass measuring jar that does not shutter when I use it to hold hot content.

I found Pyrex! I love it because it saves me to much hassle when cooking or baking. For example, I can just measure 200ml of milk and put the jar into the microwave to heat it up. I do not need to transfer the milk into a different container because the measuring jar will not shatter with hot content in it.

Apparently, Pyrex is famous for good quality glass that can stands heat. My parents and my in-laws all use and trust this brand, but I just never paid attention until I start to have problems with broken glass. I got mine over a year ago, and it still works beautifully and in one piece today!

Hand and Stand 2-in-1 Mixer

The reason why I recommend a mixer not a simple whisk is that whisk normally comes with the mixer as one of the attachments. If you are into baking, this is a must have. Lots of baking recipe requires lots of egg beating and mixing. If you do that with a hand whisk, it would take FOREVER! I would recommend getting a hand and stand combo mixer. It will save you much time later on. You can just leave the machine to do that job instead of holding the mixer the whole time. When you want to use the hand mixer just detach it from the stand. I personally regret not knowing this 2-in-1 mixer exist before I am buying for my kitchen.



Would you believe me if I tell you I had never seen an oven in the house until I went aboard at age of 18? Chinese cooking (day-to-day food) does not require an oven, most people at my parents’ age never use an oven in their life. I know it is quite common here in the UK, pretty all the houses I have been to have oven integrated with hobs. If you currently do not have an oven, and you do not want a big one that is taking lots of space, you can always get a small portable oven.

If you have an oven already, that means you can do air fryerrecipes already. Air fryer is just a fancy term for a small oven with fan setting. If you recreate an air fryer recipe using a big oven, you might need to leave things to be cooked in the oven for a longer time. Set the oven temperature according to the air fryer recipe, just make sure you use the fan setting.

If you only cook for two people like me, it might be worth to buy an air fryer. I personally own an air fryer and I love it. For whatever reason, air fryer cooked packaged frozen chips is always the most crispy chips. Plus it saves more energy as I am only heating up a small space.


Kitchen Scale

I never really thought I would need one until recently. Mostly I am using it to weight the amount of food I consume. For example, I never know much pasta to cook for a meal. I used to just guess. Sometimes I cannot finish all of the pasta, sometimes I am hungry because I have not cooked enough amount.

Now my husband and I always used 110grams of dry pasta for a single meal. I am not sure if that is the recommended amount for two adults. It is the quantity that makes us satisfied without feeling heavy. Plus the great thing with having a sensitive measuring scale is that you can replace some of the measuring tools. When a recipe says use 100ml milk, you can just google how much does 100ml milk weight. Then you can use the scale to get that amount of milk if you do not have a measuring jar around.

Is there any other tools that you use and you think I should add to this list? Leave a comment below!