Key Lime Tart – Puff Pastry

Key Lime Tarts Puff Pastry, dessert recipe, key lime tart, puff pastry

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I love key lime pie, it is one of my favorite desserts. However, when I was trying to make one the other day, I realized I ran out of biscuits. I normally crush biscuits into small pieces and then press it into the pie base. Without biscuits, without pie base. I really wanted the key lime pie that day, so I decided to improvise. There was some puff pastry in my fridge so I used them as the ‘pie’ base. It turned out amazing so I am sharing this recipe with you today. I named it key lime tart, the puff pastry version.

You know the drill if you have been a loyal reader. Scroll all the way down for your printable recipe and youtube video tutorial!

Key Lime Tarts Puff Pastry, key lime pie, key lime, puff pastry

Ingredients for this key lime tart – puff pastry

Lemon, lime, condensed milk, egg, food coloring (love these ones! But in this case use liquid coloring is easier then using the gel ones), puff pastry, flour, and butter

A few things that help

You can use all limes without lemons like the traditional key lime pie recipe. There were some lemons around the house, that is why I used them in this recipe. The recipe turned out amazing. I have also tried key lime pie recipe that only uses limes, and loves that too!

I recently stumble upon a video that shows you how to separate egg yolk with egg white. It is very useful. Basically, you crack the egg into a bowl, then use a clean empty bottle to suck the egg yellow out of the egg. I have not tried that yet, but the video instruction made it looks very easy.

Vibrant food coloring makes all the key lime tarts look pretty, I found the color shows the best is pink. Yellow is not showing up much after the baking. If you plan to only use one color for this recipe, go for pink! Also, I suggest using liquid coloring or mix gel coloring with water beforehand. You want to spread the color easily. Concentrated color paste would be a nightmare to spread around!

Youtube Video – Key Lime Tart – Puff Pastry

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Key Lime Tart - Puff Pastry

Smooth, buttery, and super flaky key lime tart, rich in lime and melt in the mouth.
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Servings 6 people


  • 3 Lime
  • 2 Lemon
  • 4 Egg large
  • butter
  • Flour
  • 1 tin Condensed Milk 397 gram
  • 1/2 Pack Puff Pastry 3 square puff pastry (234g)
  • 12 drop Food coloring 4 different colors


  1. Zest all the lemons and limes onto a plate. Get a big container, add in a tin (387g) of condensed milk and 4 egg pork. Using an electric whisk to beat everything together for around 1-2 minutes.
  2. Roll lemons and limes to help release the juice. Cut each one in half and sqeeze the juice into the container. Add all the zest collected in step 1. Using the electric whisk to beat another minute.
  3. Grease the baking tray with melted butter and then dust flour all over the baking tray. Making sure all the sides of the baking tray are greased and dusted. Put a piece of baking paper into each baking compartment to prevent sticking.
  4. Cut the square puff pastry into 4 equal-sized squares. Press each square into the individual compartment of the baking tray. Making sure all the sides of the baking try are covered by puff pastry.
  5. Pour the mixture made in step 2 into all the square pastry cups. Fill each pastry cup to 95% full. Drop one drop of food coloring into each cup and then use a toothpick to spread the color out from the center. Bake at 180°C/356°F for 20mins. Let it cool and ready to serve.