How I Made My First $100 Through Pinterest in 2017

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When I first started blogging, apart from sharing my passion for food with the world, I did hope to make a side income along the way. It seems easy to do blogging. Just publishing articles right? Wrong! A lot of things go into it, especially if you are a food blogger. The picture taking, the video editing, the post writing, the SEO optimising, the social media marketing… Every single food post takes me at least 6 hours to do it. When I did my first food post, I spend over 40 hours because I had no idea what I was doing.

I am not going to sugar coat things, making money online is hard work. But it is 100% doable. It is all about implementing the right strategy. Did you know, you do not even need to have a blog to make money online. All you need is a Pinterest account and the understanding of social media affiliate marketing. Yes, you heard me correct. That is how I earned my first $100. You can see I reached my first, actually $104 dollars a few days back!

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Before I get into strategy, the first thing you need to understand is affiliate marketing. If you already know what affiliate marketing is, you can skip the next paragraph. If you feel a bit lost already, keep reading!

The simplest way to explain affiliate marketing is you can earn a commission through promoting and selling a company or individual’s product. A real life example is Uber. On the Uber mobile app it said if you invite your friend to use Uber app and they did sign up, you get £10 ride credit immediately and your friend gets £10 ride credit as well. Win-win-win situation right? You get free credit to use a service you love, you help your friend by introducing a new service to them that potentially saves them money, you help the company by raising their awareness. Everyone wins!

Now with the concept of affiliate marketing out of the way, you might be wondering how does Pinterest fit into all of this. If you are not on Pinterest, you are missing out! Pinterest at the moment drives similar sales to what Facebook does for me. My post reach on Facebook is around 20,000 at the moment using my Facebook strategy. That means if I publish 4 posts a month, in a month my Facebook reach would be around 80,000 people.facebook reach, social media marketing, marketing, facebook marketing

Currently, my Pinterest reach is over 200,000 per month as you can see in the screenshot below, much more than Facebook. But the funny thing is I spend way less time and effort on Pinterest than I am with Facebook.

Pinterest reach, pinterest marketing, social media marketing

If you have been looking into social media marketing for a while, you would know most people who are using Facebook Ads even struggle to get 2000 impressions, let alone getting 20,000 reach organically without Facebook Ads. I shared my strategy in this post to show you with the correct strategy, you can organically reach 20,000 people, but it is very time-consuming. Pinterest, on the other hand, needs a lot less time if you use an automation tool like Boardbooster or Tailwind (we will get back to that later).

Now with background knowledge out of the way, how did I earn my first $100 on Pinterest? I contribute lots of the success to this ebook.

➡️It showed me the step-by-step tutorial on creating the perfect affiliate pin from start to finish.

➡️It shared the strategy that helped many other new bloggers earned their first affiliate sale in 24 hours (Spoiler alert: It took longer for me to get my first sales, but I made my first sale in 50 hours following her strategy)

➡️It shows the ‘viral pin’ strategy and the exact promotional strategy the author used to tripled her income.

Plus it only cost $25, way less than most of the courses I purchased. I figured if it worked, I would make the money back eventually!

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As I mentioned before, it took me longer than 24 hours to see the result. It took me 50 hours to get my first sale (just over two days after

How did I get my first $100 from Pinterest

 implementing the strategy). It is not bad considering most of the strategies I use takes much longer to see the result. Here is what I did:

➡️Signed up with the affiliate platforms. My personal favorites are sendowl, shareasale, flexoffer.

➡️Used Canva (a free service allows you to create your own graphs) to create beautiful pins for Pinterest. There is a paid version but the free version is what I use and I think it is more than enough for what I do. The user interface is very friendly, it is all about drag and drop.

➡️Joined lots of Pinterest group boards

➡️Signed up for the Boardbooster. It is free to sign up and you do not even need to link any bank card to do so. Sign up here and you can get 100 free pins to schedule. I then followed the strategies provided in the ebook to schedule my affiliate pins. I actually got my first sale while I was using the free trial 🙂 (Obviously, it would be unethical for me to share the exact strategy she used to triple her income here, because I am sure there were lots of hard work and testing behind the strategy).

Get More Information On The Course Now!

➡️I then signed up for Tailwind after I finished my free trial with Boardbooster. Because Tailwind offers you to schedule 100 pins for free, it is similar to Boardbooster in a way that it is also a pin scheduling tool. I made full use of Tailwind during the free trial and drove more sales through Pinterest.

The book only covered strategies if you use Boardbooster. If you want to make full use of all the free trails from all the software, I suggest you sign up for Tailwind as well. To get the Tailwind strategy that I used along side of the ebook, pop in your name and email in the form below and I will send it straight to your inbox.