How I Doubled My Pinterest Traffic In 30 Days

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It took me a long time to test different strategies, but I can finally see a steady growth again in my Pinterest traffic. The first time I saw an amazing growth in my Pinterest traffic was when I started using Tailwind and Boardbooster. However, after a while, the growth stopped. I hit a plateau, I was devastated.

I have been trying lots of things other bloggers have suggested, like pinning less, trying hashtags, etc. Nothing seems working until I found this. I already heard of manual/live pinning and tried it in the past, it did not work for me. You can imagine how I felt after reading all the testimonials of how other people doubled their traffic or more using Carly's manual pinning. I am missing out on lots of free Pinterest traffic! I tried manual pinning in the past, looking back I believe the reason why I did not see a growth in my traffic is that I do not have a strategy at all!

Boost Your Traffic Today With Manual Pinning Strategy

I thought to myself, hey there are other crazy priced Pinterest courses out there that cost more than $150 (I am sure if you have been looking for Pinterest courses for a while, you have seen that pricing around a lot),  this is much more affordable. Plus if the strategy worked, the book will pay for itself. Did it work? YES! My traffic and reach from Pinterest have pretty much doubled in last month consistently, as you can see from the screenshot below. I expect it to keep growing and hopefully double again by the mid next month. You can see the trend of last 30 days, there is no sign of slowing down! The book paid for itself because the higher Pinterest traffic has increased my affiliate income. My affiliate income is nearly doubled!

P.S. If you are interested in how I make affiliate sales through Pinterest, this post will tell you more.

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Here are the main changes I made after reading Carly's book

🌟 Better Pinterest Image

I stopped using free stock photos and purchased stock photos from here to use as my Pin background. It is the most affordable, colorful and feminine stock photos I can find on the internet. You might ask why do I purchase stock photos when I can get free stock online. Here is Carly’s theory! I have never ever seen it anywhere else on the internet.

The book author Carly looked into her google analytics and realized most of her ‘viral’ pins are using paid stock images, she talked to her friends and realized it is the same for her friends. Obviously, no one can prove this is calculated in the Pinterest algorithm. However, the same thing happened to me too. My top performing pins are either my food pins, which is my original picture or paid stocked pictures. Carly’s assumption on this is that many people are using free stock images. When Pinterest detects there are many similar pins that have the same pictures, it may consider that pin spammy so those pins have lower chances to show up in the smart feed.

I wanted my pins to look pretty, but since I have no time to take many original pictures, plus paid stock pictures do perform better in my case, I really think paying my monthly stock pictures fee is well worth it.

Update (September 21st 2017) I designed 2 pins for a new blog post. 1 using a free stock photo, 1 using the stock photo I purchased from here. I have been running A/B testing for 2 weeks. The one designed with paid stock photo has pretty much double the re-pins compared to the other pin.


🌟 Manual/live Pinning Using The Correct Strategy

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I first heard of manual pinning/live pinning in some bloggers emails and some Facebook marketing groups. I tried to do it myself but I did not see much of a difference in my traffic. After reading Carly’s book, I was not surprised why I did not see results before. Because there are lots of strategies behind the manual pinning that I did not know back then.

Manual pinning/live pinning is so much more than just pinning manually. You also need to involve Google analytics and Pinterest analytics. Just like her stock picture theory, I have never seen this manual pinning strategy anywhere on the web. I already give you a sneak peek into her stock picture theory, it would be very unfair if I share all her manual pinning strategy here. You would need to find out the full working strategy through her book.

If you hit a plateau in your Pinterest traffic, i.e. your Pinterest traffic has not changed/improved for a while. This course is the only course you will you need to start seeing a crazy growth again. It has been a game changer for me. I cannot believe the growth I saw one week into implementing the strategy. A growth I have never seen before with my tailwind scheduler!

Boost Your Traffic Today With Manual Pinning Strategy

🌟 Advanced Pinning Strategy

If you read Carly's book, you will know she is not completely against scheduler pinning. She did mention whenever you cannot pin consistently, it is a good idea to involve schedulers. That is what I am doing now. Combine my Pinterest scheduler strategy with manual pinning strategy, I saw a significant growth in my account when everyone else complains about the Pinterest algorithm change killed their reach.

To get my tailwind scheduler strategy that you can use along side Carly’s strategy to achieve this amazing growth, just pop in your name and email below. The strategy will be sent straight away to your inbox.

Apart from the strategies I want to share with you today, I also want to say do not give up! Keep educating yourself, keep testing, you will get there! I am a real-life example! I did this before with Facebook. It took me a long time to figure out how to get great organic reach through Facebook. I spent more than 6 months tweaking things on my Facebook, but now I am getting organic reach of around 20,000 without using Facebook Ads. It will be worth it! Just hang in there 😉