How I went from 800 to over 10,000 reach on Facebook in 1 Month – Without Using Facebook Ad

how i get free facebook traffic using this strategy

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Over 10,000 organic reach with less than 500 fans, as you can see in the screenshot below. All of those reach are FREE! I did not pay a penny to Facebook Ads. As a matter of fact, I tried Facebook Ads around 6 months ago. I paid $2 dollars for one day and still had less than 1000 reach.

Free facebook traffic using the correct facebook strategyfacebook organic reach

I am beyond excited for this achievement! Mainly because I have read so many articles around the web, and I have tried million of strategies suggested by different bloggers/marketers. None of those works! Sure, some strategies might have worked back in 2014. As you know Facebook changes their algorithm all the time, what worked back then no longer works now.

My story with Facebook 

After wasting countless hours trying strategies that might have worked in 2014 but no longer works in 2017. I signed up to many Facebook marketers’ email lists. I see some of them have courses on how to use Facebook Ads to increase Facebook reach. I was ready to spend some money on the Facebook Ads courses and on Facebook Ads, because I believe money makes money. You have to invest some money in courses to get the latest strategy that actually works. That strategy will then help you to earn more money!

Bear in mind I was preparing to pay nearly $150 on the Facebook Ads course. You can imagine when I stumble upon Brittany's course, seeing how she did not spend a penny on Ads but achieved more reach than the people using Facebook Ads, seeing how her course costs a fraction of the course I was going to buy. I was sold straight away!

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How I increased my Facebook reach without paying for Ads

The first thing I did is to clear my day so I could read the whole book to see if there are strategies I can implement. I did not finish the book in one day, not just because there are many pages, but also because I was already getting a list of things I could start implementing by going through parts of the book!

My initial learning was that you do not need a huge fan base to have a huge reach. She has a screenshot of her post reaching 13,608 people when she had 697 fans. That gives me a huge mindset shift. Instead of focusing on fans, I should focus on how to get more reach. Once I get more reach, fans come by themselves.

As you can see below, this theory is correct. Apart from the 31,941% increase in reach, I also get 1,400% organic increase in page likes and 1,600% organic increase in page follows.

Facebook likes increased automatically with more reach

My second biggest learning from the book is to make full use of the Facebook page insight. I did look at the data before I read the book, but they were just numbers and I did not find it helpful. Truth is that those numbers are important and helpful, I have just been focusing on the wrong numbers!

One example of how she uses the insight number is that she uses them to figure out the content format that her fans like. Her numbers tell her that her fans tend to interact more with a certain type of photos. I did the same analysis on my page, I realized my fans enjoy quick videos.

I took some screenshots below so you can see, just by reading half of the book and implementing two strategies, I was able to jump from around 800 reaches to over 8k reach in less than a month. That is insane! I implanted two more strategies this week and now my reach is over 16k. As a matter of fact,  this minute I just checked my post status, reach is well over 18,000!

increasing facebook page reach without using facebook ads

One of the strategies I implemented that helped me to get more page likes is to invite the people who interacted with my content to like my page. Did you know about this? I certainly did not know this existed before I read the book. As you can see from my notification screenshot below, I get 2 more fans today through implementing this strategy.

get people share and like your facebook page without paying for facebook ads

All learnings and strategies I mentioned above were just a small part of the book's information. I absolutely loved this ebook. Tons of amazing tips and information that helped me to grow my facebook page and fan base! In 2017! For free! Without using Facebook Ads!

If you are struggling with facebook page/fan growth, I definitely recommend you to check this course out. Do not give up on Facebook yet, trust me you can grow Facebook page/fan/reach for free in 2017. You just need to implement the right strategy!

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Good luck! If there is anything else you learned that helped you to grow your Facebook, please leave a comment below! Sharing is caring! xx

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