Halloween Makeup Comic Girl

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Haven’t decided what to dress up yet for this Halloween? Tired of being a cute cat or dead zombie? Why not try this Halloween makeup to be a comic girl?!

What do you need

Very light foundation (the lighter the better, you want a contrast look)

Press powder

Black eyeliner (Kohl and liquid)

White eyeliner (Kohl and liquid)

Red Lipstick

Blue and yellow eyeshadows

Makeup brushes and sponges


How to get this look

  1. Foundation + Press powder, make sure you blend foundation well and all the way down to the neck area. I do not have foundation that is lighter than my skin tone, but I do have a light concealer that I use to brighten my undereye. That is what I used in this video.
  2. Use a black liquid eyeliner to draw the overall shape of the face and neck. Add a thin black line to where you normally contour. Do not use regular eyebrow pencil to fill in your eyebrows. You want a dramatic look, so use liquid eyeliner.
  3. Time to get some comic eyes. If your eyelid is tiny like mine, draw a curved line above where your eyelid naturally fold. This will add depth to your eye. Also exaggerate how big your eyes are, comic book characters always looks ‘surprised’. Draw some fake eyelashes to make your eyes appear bigger, and then use white eyeliner on your waterline to enhance that look.
  4. Want that innocent/sad look? Draw some tears with blue eyeshadows. To make them look like real tears, outline the shape of the tear with liquid liner and then add some white liner. The white color is used as the highlight, to make it looks like the reflection of the tears.
  5. Now onto the most important part! Lips!!!! This is where I think you should spend lots of time on. Use your favorite lip color, I personally recommend red because it makes your lip pop. Outline your lips with black liner like you would with lip liner. Make it thicker at the side of the mouth. Put some black liner on the inside of both top and bottom lips, and then draw some verticle lines(make sure these lines have different lengths).  This will give some depth to your lips. To add more depth, add some white curved lines near the center of your lips. This is the same trick we used in the last step to make fake tears appear more realistic.
  6.  Lastly, this is optional. Get your comic signature, it can be POW! Ka-Pow! BOOM! whatever you want. I find it very difficult to draw it on because your need to use great brain capacity to figure out the mirror image of the sign in order to get it right. You want the sign to look sharp. This is something I regret after watching my own video, I should have made it sharper to make it more realistic. Lessons learned, please do not make the same mistake as I did. If you tried this look, please send me your picture on Instagram. My social media links are down below. I would love to see what you come up with.

As always, if you have enough data or you are on wifi, check out my video below. It is better than my attempted explanation.



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