15 Easy To Make Halloween Desserts You Should Know

15 easy Halloween dessert

Halloween is just around the corner! If you are like me, prepare everything last minute, these easy to make Halloween desserts will help you to set up your Halloween party in no time. 1. Ghastly Candy Bark This is definitely one of my favorite recipes to make. It requires only three ingredients: dark chocolate, white chocolate, […]

Baked Chinese Eggplant With Pork Mince – Szechuan Style

Baked Chinese Eggplant With Pork Mince - Szechuan Recipe-Youtube

Whenever I cook anything, I cannot help but make things Chinese style. Recently I tried moussaka, which is similar to lasagna that uses eggplant instead of pasta. I tried to recreate moussaka at home. As per usual, I ended up creating something else. I created this baked Chinese eggplant with pork mince, in Szechuan style (because […]