About Me

😘Greetings love!😘

I am thrilled to have to have you here. Out of the millions and millions of websites, you landed here! It must have been fate! If you have been browsing on my website for a while, you might have picked up this information already – English is not my first language. Apologize if you find written mistakes here and there. I try, writing is not really my strong suit. However, I do not want this to be a barrier to our communication. If I learned anything from living abroad for over 7 years in 5 different cities and 2 countries, it is that language is not the barrier, it is the confidence to express yourself.

about me


Here is something about me. I am an energetic, positive, hardworking super (Chinese, just in case you wonder where I come from😝 ) woman. Growing up, I love reading inspirational books. Inspirational/ motivational books are pretty much all I read. I remember every time I read this sort of books, I just tell myself, I can be one of them if I work hard and work smart. When I do become successful one day, I will do what they did, spread positive energy into this world. I will help other people, I will make sure they do not go through the same struggle as I did. A quote from one of my favorite female role model- Michelle Obama ‘when you’ve worked hard, and done well and walked through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. You reach back and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed’.

I am not nearly as successful as the bibliography I have read. However, I am very happy with some of my achievements. I am grateful for what I have in life, I worked hard for it. Make a life in a foreign land with completely different culture and language is tough. However. by the 5th year abroad, I have graduated from an amazing University, got married to the most caring, romantic and talented man I know, working for one of the global top 100 fortune companies, learned driving and bought the first car. Not bad effort, right?

me and my husband

During my years abroad, I started a Chinese blog where I record my life aboard and my learnings. Out of many reader friends, there is one special girl convinced me blogging is a great way to spread positive energy into the world. She is a ‘loyal’ reader. She emailed me multiple times saying my article inspired her.  She told me my articles made her realize the world out there is much bigger than she imagined, but she is not scared because I always share my learnings, she knows what to look out for. By the time I graduated, I got another email from her, she told me she got admitted into a great university in the UK and she wants to thank me for all my blogging articles. She said it kept her motivated and all the tips I shared was very helpful. I was overwhelmed by her kindness. At the same time, I was a bit shameful. Because of the school workload and my part time jobs, I stopped blogging around a year before my graduation.

The idea of blogging again started that day. After dealing with all the urgent, necessary life admin tasks, I am finally at a place I can regularly do blogging again. Hince this blog was born. I do not have a specific niche like most people, I just write the categories I am most passionate for. After all, I am spending lots of time on topics I love, why not share the learning and share the love, right? So far, that is just food recipes, money related tips, and my learnings from building this blog. This might change in the future, it might turn into a mom blog👶.  Who knows! No matter where life leads me, I am ready to do my best, be at my best and spread the positive energy into the world😍.