5 Best Survey Sites That Pay You Well

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‘I can just fill a form and get paid?! ‘

‘Yes, all you need to do is to look at a short video and fill in a form. This is a psychology experiment I designed for my final year project, I got the funding to do these experiments. I pay £10 for 45 minutes of your time’

I had this conversion on my university campus, 6 months after I came to the UK. I could not believe what I heard. This is because I had been doing cleaning job at a library for 2 months as my part-time job, my shift start at 6 am and I get paid for £7.5 per hour. With some doubts, I decided to do participate this experiment. It was easy! I cannot believe I earned £10 for just sitting on a chair watching videos and filling forms. That is when I started paying a lot of attention to how to earn money through the survey.5 Best Survey Sites That Pay You Well

When I did my exchange year in Unversity of Texas, apart from a one-off weekend Formula1 sales job I took, I did not get any other part-time jobs. I earned most of the money doing surveys sitting in my dorm. I got over $680 for my best month. The money I earned from survey sites allowed me to do some traveling, including my winter ski trip and a trip to Miami during spring break.

Here is what I did and the website I used. Firstly, I suggest you register as many service websites as possible. They are free to register! That means you have nothing to lose. Secondly, BE AWARE OF THE SPAM WEBSITE! I cannot emphasize this enough. I am sure you have seen this type of website at some point. ‘Win the latest iPhone, just pop in your email address and do all the following surveys.’ I fell for these before. I wasted lots of time for nothing, a lot of the times I also start getting spam emails. Lastly, use the survey sites that have been used by many other people and have good reputations. Do a quick google research, just search for ‘survey site name + review’.

Without further due, let me share with you some of my favorite ones.

Swagbucks (you’ll get 100SB sign up bonus)

You earn Swagbucks points through shopping online, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys, etc. Yessss! It is even better than earn money through psychology experiments. You can then redeem your points for gift cards to your favorite retailers. I mainly use this for Amazon gift cards, just because I can find pretty much everything I ever wanted on Amazon. As of writing this post, Swagbucks have paid their members over 107 million dollars! This is a reinsurance that it is a safe survey site, which is used by many people.

Vindale Research

I love Vindale the moment I register. They give you $2 just to complete the Vindale Research Accelerated Training Tutorial. It is basically a short survey which takes around 5 minutes.

Vindale members are entitled to certain exclusive coupons and discounts.They hold weekly cash contests. You can win up to $15 from such contests.

Here is something lots of Vindale users did not know. Once you earned money from Vindale, if you send a photo of you with your Vindale payment, you can earn $5.


Qmee is a browser extension that allows you to earn some easy money while you are using your browser. They give you money when you click on the advertisements pop up from the extension. Do not worry, it is not an all over the screen pop up. It is a very narrow pop up down the side of the browser, they pay you per click. The amazing thing is Qmee has no minimum payout, most survey website only pays you when you reach a minimum of $50. They pay you through PayPal and you can see the payment straight away.

TopCashback + Respondi Mingle UK (This is UK specific)

Do not run away once you see it is UK specific. When I say UK specific I meant the combo (TopCashback+ Respondi Mingle UK). TopCashback is available in the US as well, here is TopCashback US. TopCashback is a global company, you might have one in your country. Just google ‘TopCashback + your country’.

This is a bit of a cheat really, use cash back website to register with a survey company. If you have not heard of TopCashback, where have you been?! You need this in your life. TopCashback as the name suggest, it is a cash back website. What it does is when you shop through Topcashback interface to go to your normal shopping website, for example, amazon or ASOS you made a purchase, TopCashback will return some percentage of that spent back to you.

There a new offer recently, if you sign up to the survey site ‘Respondi Mingle UK’, as long as it is a unique new sign up and you complete an initial questionnaire, you get £2.87 from top cashback. Plus when you continue doing more survey on Respondi Mingle UK, you can earn more through the survey! On top of all this, if you are new to TopCashback and register through the link here, you will get  £5 cashbash straight away.

American Consumer Opinion

This is one of the most well-known survey sites. I like American Consumer Opinion because the payment is straight forward. Apart from cash, you can earn points or even free product to test. Many surveys can be done in under 15 minutes, the surveys that take a longer time to do come with higher incentives.

Do you know more survey sites that pay well? Leave a comment below! Share the love! 😃