15 Easy To Make Halloween Desserts You Should Know

15 easy Halloween dessert

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Halloween is just around the corner! If you are like me, prepare everything last minute, these easy to make Halloween desserts will help you to set up your Halloween party in no time.

1. Ghastly Candy Bark

This is definitely one of my favorite recipes to make. It requires only three ingredients: dark chocolate, white chocolate, and assorted sprinkles. It looks amazing for something only require three ingredients, right?


Ghastly Candy Bark

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2. Bat Treats

If you love Oreo and Peanut Butter Cups, this is the recipe for you. It is super easy as well and needs only four ingredients. The best thing? This is a no-bake recipe!


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3. White Chocolate Marshmallow Ghosts

If you have some leftover googly eyes from the previous recipe, here is another Halloween treats you can make.

marshmallow halloween recipe

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4. Pretzels Treats

Following the reusing ingredients idea. If you have leftover pretzels from making the previous recipe, you can use the rest of the pretzels to make owls, pumpkins, ghosts or mummies. The recipe link below is a roundup recipe. My favorite one is the owl, which one is your favorite?

prezel Halloween treat recipes

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5. Frankenstein Kiwis

Another very easy no-bake recipe. The best thing about this recipe is that it is very healthy! If you are looking for kids- friendly, healthy and cute Halloween treat. This is the one for you.

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6. Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats 

These pumpkin Rice Krispie treats are so cute! It does need a bit more effort compared to the previous no-bake recipe. However, it is easy to do and I think this would be a great one for kids to make themselves.

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7. Halloween Yogurt Cups

Very creative recipe. Who know you can actually use yogurt for a Halloween recipe!

yogurt-cup Halloween recipe

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8. Slimy Monster Cupcakes

For the next few recipes, it will be more cake/cupcake themed. I am still deciding how I feel about this recipe, I am not a ‘slimy’ food fan in general, but it does look cute. What is your thought?


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9. RIP Ghost Chocolate Pudding Cupcakes

You can easily turn something that is day to day into Halloween themed things by adding decorations. This is a great example. I would definitely have these on my party table because I love chocolate pudding cupcakes. This is just another excuse for me to eat more of them. 😛

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10. Spooky Gluten-free Chocolate Cupcakes 

My love for chocolate should be pretty clear to you by now. I guess you would not be surprised to see another chocolate cupcake Halloween recipe. This is also gluten-free.


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11. Mummy Cake

If you are preparing treats for lots of people, but do not have time to do lots of decorations, this recipe can rescue you. Once you check the recipe, you will see this is a great recipe to get kids involved. Want to keep your little ones occupied? Let them give you a hand.

halloween mummy cake

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12. Mummy Haystack Cookies

Apart from cakes & cupcakes, I also want to give you options for cookie recipes. This is a no-bake easy recipe.

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13. Pumpkin Shortbread Cookies

This shortbread cookies recipe takes a bit more effort because baking is involved. Still, the total time it takes is less than 30 minutes. The end result looks so cute, it definitely worth the time!

pumpkin cookie Halloween recipe

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14. Peanut Butter Cup Spider Cookies

Last but not least, I want to include something that is less cute – spider cookies. To be completely honest, if I am not scared of spiders, these cookies do still look cute.

spider cake cookie

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15. Witch Finger Cookies

Continue on the not-so-cute theme. If scary is the theme you are going for, this will be perfect for you! I feel like I would have nightmares if I eat one of these.

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